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Birthday Cards

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Step 1. Please choose your e-card design
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Free E-Cards Online

Party Horn
Free E-Cards Online

Happy Bday Partner
Free E-Cards Online

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Step 2. Select colors for your e-card

Not sure which colors will look best? Don't worry, you can come back and change the colors after you preview your e-card.



Step 3. Add some music to your e-card
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If you select a card with the following symbol:

Flash card with music built in already

then the card has music built into it already, and you should not select any additional music from the list above (otherwise the two melodies will overlap). For flash cards with built in music, you should leave the above selection on "No Music".

Step 4. Select a poem for your e-card
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Click on the link below this list in order to read these verses.

Browse Birthday Card Verses/Poetry

Step 5. Select a heading for your e-card
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Step 6. Add a message to your e-card

You can use HTML tags

Step 7. Address your e-card

These 4 fields must be completed in order to preview your e-card.

Your name: Your e-mail:

Recipient's name: Recipient's e-mail:

Optional additional recipients: If this is a generic e-card that you would like to send to multiple recipients, you can enter the names and email addresses of up to 9 additional recipients in the area that follows. If this is a personal e-card being sent to just one person, simply leave the additional recipient fields blank.

2nd recipient's name: 2nd recipient's e-mail:
3rd recipient's name: 3rd recipient's e-mail:
4th recipient's name: 4th recipient's e-mail:
5th recipient's name: 5th recipient's e-mail:
6th recipient's name: 6th recipient's e-mail:
7th recipient's name: 7th recipient's e-mail:
8th recipient's name: 8th recipient's e-mail:
9th recipient's name: 9th recipient's e-mail:
10th recipient's name: 10th recipient's e-mail:

You should take a second to verify the e-mail addresses above just to make sure that there aren't any typos. You will be notified by e-mail at the e-mail address you specified above (i.e. "your e-mail") when your e-card is picked up by the recipient(s).

Step 8. Preview your e-card

(You will need to complete Step 7 in order to preview your e-card.)

Once you have previewed your e-card, you will have an opportunity to either send it, or come back to this page and edit it some more.
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